The Band

Nicki Skipper


Keyboards and Lead Vocals

Born and raised in Central Ohio, Nicki made her way to Boston in the early 1980’s to attend Berklee College of Music and spent nearly 20 years working as a singer/songwriter/keyboardist in the greater Boston area. In the early 1990’s she formed “Nicki Skipper & Another Roadside Attraction” performing original blues and R&B. After flirting with record labels and experiencing many “near misses”, Nicki took a break and relocated to Western Massachusetts returning to school full time. After graduating, she relocated to Vermont and began playing again, both as a solo artist and with several different bands in the area. After 10 years in Vermont, she relocated to Pensacola where she met a pirate named Dave and a couple of crazy chicks in a band called “UltraViolet”, and well, here we are!

Cindy Symington


Bass and Vocals

The daughter of a drummer, Cindy grew up appreciating the value of the rhythm section. She has played many instruments over the years and added the Bass to her repertoire early in her career. In the early 1980’s, Cindy played and toured with the all-female band “Faces of Eve”, playing original tunes and covers in a wide variety of venues including the legendary CBGBs in New York City. Having made her footprint in rock ‘n roll history, she became a founding member of UltraViolet and half of a rhythm section that is a force to be reckoned with. As proficient with one-liners as she is bass lines, Cindy provides the comic relief at rehearsal and on stage.

Diana Bailey



UltraViolet was the first and remains the one and only band for founder and Pensacola native, Diana Bailey. Since day one, Diana’s aim has been to rock hard and have fun, which is apparent to anyone watching her play. It’s no small feat keeping a band together for 25+ years, and Diana continues to provide the musical and spiritual anchor that keeps the band grounded yet musically growing. Not only does Diana provide the musical backbone of the band, she also does the lion’s share of the band business, and has a round-house kick that is second to none.

Dave Koenig


Guitar and Vocals

Originally from Pearland, Texas, Dave found his way to Pensacola in 2016 after 20 years in the U.S. Navy and 13 long years in Maine.  After playing guitar in various bands in his early years in Texas,  Japan and Guam, he put the guitar down for a while, but luckily for us he picked it back up in 2008. He played in a high-powered 3 piece rock band and a Pirate Variety band in Maine from 2009 to 2016. Shortly after moving to Pensacola he met Nicki and the rest is history.  Dave lives in West Pensacola with his wife Lynn and their 2 cats and likes long walks on the beach and dinner by candlelight…